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Mission Guide
In addition to acting as the army for their country, the ninja village also acts as a business. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the ninja. These jobs can range from the mundane (walk the feudal lord's dog), to the assassination of deadly wanted criminals. As needed the Kage or Jounin master of a Genin team can assign missions in furtherance of a duty to the country that are unpaid.

These jobs are thus divided into difficulty ranks of S, A, B, C and D and then given to ninja based on their ability. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village. The easiest and least deadly jobs are given to the Genin, these are called "D-Rank". The D-Rank missions also help to build teamwork skills among the new Ninja Academy graduates. D-Rank are therefore non-combat with low pay. The "C-Rank" missions will be given to Chuunin and skilled Genin. These include protective escorts and missions with some chance of bodily harm. It can include capturing wild animals and mine clearing. "B-Rank" missions will be given to Special Jounin and Chuunin. These also include protective escort, gathering foreign intelligence and killing of ninja. Open battle is generally not an issue during this mission type. The next highest rank missions, "A-Rank" are given to Jounin and Special Jounin. These include vital missions between nations, escorting VIPs and maneuvers against offensive ninja forces. Thus these missions will almost always involve combat and risk of death. At the highest and most dangerous is "S-rank", given to Jounin. These missions include assassination of important persons, transporting classified documents and materials. With the extreme danger comes a very high rate of pay.

Caution, minor spoilers below.

Below are listed the official depicted missions in Naruto. To see the listings for the number of missions the ninja in the world of Naruto have completed, please see their respective full biography.

Lost Pet "Tora" Search Mission
Rank: D

Team 7 was hired by the Feudal Lord's wife to find her lost cat. This early mission only served to frustrate Naruto. His complaints after this mission caused the Hokage to give the team their first C-Rank mission.
Protection of Bridge-builder Tazuna
Rank: C

Though a C-Rank mission in name, this mission proved more deadly than Team 7 would have guessed. After all the events are said and done, it is regarded as an A-Rank mission. Though unfortunately it appears Team 7 still only gets credit for it as a C-Rank mission.
Weed Pulling
Rank: D

Team 7 was hired to pull the lead from an old womans yard. Naruto went a little overboard though and it up pulling out all the herbs in her garden.
Trash Collection
Rank: D

Team 7 was hired to pick up trash out of a stream near the village. Yet again, the mission proved to have its difficult points for Naruto.
Dog Walking
Rank: D

Team 7 was hired to walk several dogs. Naruto volunteered to walk the brutish dog and it pretty much walked Naruto to wherever the dog wanted to go, whether it was into a dangerous area or not.
Find the Four-Leaf Clover (Unofficial)
Rank: Unknown, probably C

Konohamaru assigns Naruto to help him find the legendary crimson four-leaf clover.
Rescue Naruto and Konohamaru (Unofficial)
Rank: Unknown, probably C

After Naruto and Konohmaru run into trouble in Akagahara, Kakashi gives Sasuke and Sakura a mission to rescue the two.
Protect Waterfall Ninja Shibuki (Unofficial)
Rank: C

Team 7 was hired to protect Shibuki, the young ninja leader of Waterfall village, as he returned to his home village.
Clean Up Garbage at Waterfall Village (Unofficial)
Rank: Unknown, probably D

Team 7 was hired to help clean up garbage outside the secret entrance to Hidden Waterfall Village.
Track Sasuke and Gaara of the Sand
Rank: A

Kakashi tells Sakura, Naruto and Shikamaru to track and find Sasuke, who was in pursuit of Gaara of the Sand.
Do Work on a Fire Country Farm (Unofficial)
Rank: Unknown, probably D

Team 7 was hired to do work on a farm in the Fire country.
Protect and Escort Morino Idate (Unofficial)
Rank: B

Team 7 was hired to protect Morino Idate, a runner in the Todoroki Shrine race in the Tea Country.
Protect Fujikaze Yukie (Unofficial)
Rank: A

Team 7 was hired to escort actress Fujikaze Yukie to the Snow Country. When it was revealed that Fujikaze Yukie was really Kazahana Koyuki, they protected her against the actions of her uncle Dotou and his Hidden Snow ninja.
Find and Return Sasuke
Rank: A

The Hokage orders Shikamaru to find and return Uchiha Sasuke. Shikamaru gathers Naruto, Kiba, Neji and Choji for the team.
Find Hidden Sound (Unofficial)
Rank: A

When Naruto failed to return Sasuke to the village, he later was given the opportunity to find Hidden Sound's location with the help of Jiraiya and Sakura.
Destroy the Grass Country Bridge
Rank: Unknown, probably A

Approximately 13 years before the start of the series, Hatake Kakashi and his teammates Rin and Obito were ordered to destroy a bridge in the Grass Country. This was ordered to cut off a supply line for the advancing Hidden Stone army.
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