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welcome to naruto zone..
if anything you dont know about naruto..
please look around.. thank you..
and enjoy yourself.. ^^

you can choose what you want to look..

>>what is naruto??                                     >>time skip guide
>>who create naruto??                              >>more about akatsuki
>>character in naruto                                  >>bingo book
>>clan in naruto
                                           >>cursed seal
>>groups and teams
>>businesses                                              >>puppets
                                             >> hyuuga clan
>>summoning                                             >>uchiha clan
>>spirits and demons
                                >>rank guide
>>animal familiars                                      >>mision guide
>>seals guide
                                              >>ninja clothing
>>chakra guide
                                            >>tools and equipment
>>introduction to jutsu
                                >>custom weapon
>>hand seals
>>kekkei genkai
                                           >>jutsu guide              

i hope you found what you looking for..
that's all i can give you information about naruto..
hope you enjoy yourself.. thank you.. ^^

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